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More and more professionals and consultancies are using the Q-81 HSE PRO software platform to manage their work and their clients.
The reason for this is not only the well-established technical and management functionality of the tool, but also its great potential for consultants to develop new business and attract new clients.
Originally designed by job security consultants, the platform allows scalable and shared management of the client portfolio by the company or consultancy firm. More than twenty-five years of experience are at your disposal to optimise your time and resources, allowing you to focus on the most important aspects of your work.
Q-81 HSE PRO is not just an advanced manager of deadlines and documents, but a true facilitator of the process transformation that every organisation is interested in implementing today.
In this way, consultants become the key player in the company’s digital HSE transformation, evolving their role and capitalising on new opportunities.
Q-81 HSE PRO offers the full potential of Q-81 HSE by integrating the myriad of cross-organisational functionalities that are essential for consultants who need to find data across their client base.



Through the system, it is possible to have the following cross-technical functionalities for the management and participation of several companies at the same time:

  • document management;
  • expiring administrative actions and periodic checks;
  • training courses and calculation of workers’ training gaps;
  • medical examinations and employee health gaps (coming soon);
  • audits and checklists also via mobile application;
  • contractor suitability checks and portal;
  • risks and opportunities, preventive actions and improvement plans;
  • accidents and near misses;
  • applicable legislative requirements;
  • provision of personal protective equipment.


During 2024, two major new features will be released:

  • Client company portal;
  • Employee portal.
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Q-81 HSE PRO for risk assessment according to law decree 81/08

The system allows the creation of the Risk Assessment Document in accordance with Law Decree 81/08.

The module allows tasks, workstations, equipment, machines, processes, stages, etc. to be linked to the risk scenario. At the same time, it is possible to associate individual protective devices, prevention and protection measures and any improvement measures.

Q-81 HSE PRO has numerous functions to optimise the creation and management of risk assessments for any type of organisation.


Q-81 HSE PRO for risk and opportunity assessment according to ISO QHSE Standards

The flexibility of the tool makes it possible to make the most of the module to obtain a risk and opportunity assessment that correlates with both business processes and action plans, including budget-related ones.

Thanks to its multi-scope settings, Q-81 HSE PRO makes it possible to implement risk assessment and risk management models for any company management system such as:

ISO 9001, ISO 45001, ISO 14001, ISO 37001, SA8000, MOGC 231.


Q-81 HSE PRO for audit management

The platform allows the consultant to move freely to carry out audits and reviews at the client’s premises with the certainty of optimising time and resources.

Starting and finishing the work directly with the client is the aim of the audit & checklist tool provided by Q-81 HSE PRO.

Complete data collection, reports and attached photos directly on the field without having to re-process the information back in the office.

Thanks to the web application and the mobile application, which can be used with Android, iOS and Windows devices, field audits are faster and more effective, and can then be shared with the client with just a few clicks.


Q-81 HSE PRO for contractor management

Verifying the technical suitability of outsourced contractors is becoming an increasingly popular service for consultancies within medium and large client organisations.

The role of the general contractor or single point of contact for checking requirements and access to sites and businesses is becoming increasingly important.

Q-81 HSE PRO is a strategic and reliable tool with more than 40,000 verified companies per year, for the management of Article 26 of Law Decree 81/08 and for the verification of companies that need access to sites.

Thanks to the flexible solutions offered by the Contractors Portal and the Mo.C.A. – Mobile Control Access application, the consultant can play a leading role in the management of sites and contracts.

Q-81 HSE PRO in support of the consultant’s commercial and management activities

The activity of preparing business offers and managing commissioned projects can result in a lot of energy being wasted by the consultant and their own organisation.

For this reason, the Sales & Activity module for Q-81 HSE PRO has been developed and enhanced to significantly reduce the management time required to:

  • create customised offers
  • manage recurring contracts
  • plan activities at customer sites
  • assign tasks to personnel
  • report on the activities of all technicians involved
  • account for travel expenses
  • analyse variances to budgets
  • analyse sales statistics and man-hours spent on projects
  • prepare pre-invoices for the activities carried out


Every professional and/or consultancy firm has specific requirements when it comes to managing clients.
This is why we have designed specific service levels or “scales” that can be adapted to each type of consultant profile.

Thanks to this diversification, consultants can start using Q-81 HSE Pro with a low economic impact and then gradually expand their own database with maximum flexibility.

In the same way, even the most demanding consultancies managing a large number of clients will find an appropriate response in terms of scale to the service offered by Q-81 HSE Pro.

The on-cloud service we offer is scaled according to a consumption logic that takes into account the following factors:

  • number of client companies to be managed;
  • number of employees belonging to the client companies to be managed;
  • the number of consultants and client users using the system;
  • the storage space required by the client.

Why all these factors?

The answer lies in the fact that the consultancy market is very diverse. Based on our more than twenty years of experience in the HSE sector we can affirm that it is not possible to offer an absolute standardisation of this service. This is due to the different scenarios in which the consultant operates. There are very small organisations serving a few large or very large clients, and there are highly organised companies serving thousands of very small clients with few employees, and vice versa. It follows that each professional or consultancy firm needs a tailor-made configuration that can adapt to the specific needs of their client portfolio.


300 managed companies
6,000 employees
10 users
unlimited contractors


150 managed companies
3,000 employees
5 users
unlimited contractors


50 managed companies
1,000 employees
3 users
unlimited contractors


10 managed companies
200 employees
1 user
unlimited contractors

Can’t find your size?

If you’re not sure what to choose from the above, don’t worry, contact us to explain your needs, we’re at your disposal to study an offer adapted to your professional requirements.

Customised solutions can also be configured to meet other specific requirements in terms of scale.

It is possible to increase the number of parameters and/or dedicated storage space with periodic upgrades.


Scalable solution

Customer engagement

Full data governance

Reduced turnover risk

Employee agenda management

Multi-enterprise customer portfolio management

Regulatory management

ISO systems management


The consultant can fully exploit the potential of the Q-81 HSE’s many (25) software modules and configure them as required.

Or opt for best-selling packages such as:

Employee training

Better manage your customers’ training plans by interacting with them

From 81,70 € per month

audit & check-list

Plan company or site visits, use the mobile app, perform your audits with attached

From 106,70 € per month


Eliminate Excel sheets, emails and phone calls to solicit contractors, control contractor access on site

From 173,40 € per month

deadlines and actions

All technical and administrative deadlines at your fingertips, shared with your clients

From 81,70 € per month

risks and opportunities

Quickly and dynamically create and manage your customers’ electronic Risk Assessment Documents (RADs)

From 131,70 € per month

sales & activity

Manage your customer master data, quotes, contracts, employee agendas, pre-invoicing, company performance

From 115,00 € per month

Prices are based on a 12-month annual contract, prepaid.

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Globally, the HSE market is valued differently depending on the source, with estimates ranging from $12.1 billion in 2020 to $14.2 billion in 2022, and forecasts reaching $19.9 billion by 2025 and $39 billion by 2031.

The Q-81 HSE platform represents an exceptional opportunity for those looking to make the most of digital transformation in this sector. Find out how you can become a Business Partner or simply a Q-81 HSE Consultant and make the most of the benefits it can bring to your business or consultancy.

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Consultant and business partner, how to work with us

Q-81 HSE PRO is an excellent management and business development tool for consultants and professionals working in this field. Indeed, the digitalisation of HSE processes is booming and interest is growing significantly, even among small and medium-sized companies that are finally starting to consider these factors as fundamental. In this context, there are many opportunities for the consultant to exploit, both in negotiating new business and in retaining clients.


Who are Q-81 HSE’s consultants?

They are professionals, consultants or consultancies working mainly in the QHSE sector who, as part of their profession, have the opportunity to recommend the use of Q-81 HSE to companies and businesses in general, thus creating development opportunities for their own organisation.


Who are Q-81 HSE’s Business Partner?

They are professionals, consultants or consultancies that successfully use the Q-81 HSE PRO software platform. As a Q-81 HSE Business Partner one can benefit from a number of advantages, both in terms of using the software directly and promoting it to their customers and prospects.

Find out how to become a Silver or Gold Q-81 HSE Business Partner. Discover our policy for Q-81 HSE Consultants and Business Partners. Click here for more information and we will contact you shortly.


Become a Q-81 HSE business partner

Thanks to more than 20 modules, applications and web portals, Q-81 HSE is a multiplier and accelerator of opportunities for any type of consulting firm or industry professional, including accountants and lawyers who are involved in implementing and enforcing Organizational Models pursuant to Law Decree 231/01 or who perform the role of Supervisory Body. Q-81 is also an extraordinary partner for engineers, architects, and surveyors who deal with safety on worksites during the design and execution phases.

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