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Studio Valentini e Bissoli Architetti Associati

Studio Valentini e Bissoli Architetti Associati is a technical consulting and design organization that has been operating nationwide since 1991.
The firm was founded by architect Giorgio Valentini, owner and specialist in Safety Coordination, and architect Beatrice Bissoli.

Architects, engineers and professional technicians form a highly qualified team that works in complete synergy, resulting in interchangeability between roles and actions.

The firm is in charge of safety coordination at numerous worksites among the largest in Italy, including the futuristic project of global significance, the new Waterfront di levante di Genova, designed by Renzo Piano.
The large amount of documentation to be verified to ensure contractors’ access to the worksite on a regular basis dictated the adoption of a computerized platform.
The exchange of thousands of emails with contractors and subcontractors represented a huge criticality for the firm’s technicians in charge of verifying their suitability in terms of work safety.
The platform had to be able to organize and speed up work, report any non-conformities and deadlines to contractors, and allow worksite supervisors to access an online database that could ensure real-time verification of the status of each worker employed.
Companies, workers and vehicles to be kept under control.

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Credits Valentini Bissoli Architetti Associati


Analyzed and computerized processes

Management and verification of contractors, workers and vehicles through the Q-81 HSE Contractor Portal, eliminating thousands of email correspondence between the parties

Definition of documentation verifications differentiated by worksite type

Definition of deadline alerts system

Mapping of contractors and subcontractors

Mapping of the types of worksites managed

More than 40,000 documents verified in 12 months

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