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Finstral SpA

Finstral SPA is one of Europe’s largest window and door manufacturers with more than 50 years of history. It employs 1,600 workers in 14 production sites.
In addition to the construction of windows and doors, the company specializes in the extrusion of profiles, insulating glass and woodworking. It creates windows, front doors and conservatories that combine function and aesthetics.

The client’s goal was to have a single information system capable of managing various critical aspects of occupational health and safety in order to improve the verifiability of its ISO 45001-certified management system.

Such a large organization needed, therefore, to eliminate spreadsheets dissociated from each other, centralizing, for example, the management of worker training, health surveillance but at the same time also conduct safety audits at various production sites and manage the resultant actions.
Simplifying how Personal Protective Equipment is delivered and how contractors are audited were also at the basis of Finstral’s initial goals.

Foto case history

Credits Finstral SpA


Credits Finstral SpA

Analyzed and computerized processes

Worker training management, history data retrieval, activation of courses, registration of participants with determination of the training gap

Management of health surveillance, history data retrieval and activation of health protocols, scheduling of medical examinations, management of fitness judgments

Gestione e verifica degli appaltatori, anche attraverso il Portale eliminando le migliaia di e-mail di corrispondenza fra le parti

Management of audits with the help of the Mobile Auditing Management app (M.A.Ma), obtaining reports with real-time photos from the various sites;

Action and non-conformities management, implementation of benchmark KPIs

Management of PPE deliveries with graphic signatures

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