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Cloud-based or on-premises HSE compliance and systems management software

Medium and large Italian companies are facing a digital transformation that includes aspects of occupational health and safety, a fundamental pillar of the 2030 Agenda goals.

While a few years ago HSE issues were considered at a technical level, today they have become strategic areas in which medium and large companies invest to protect their assets and attract new employees.

The proliferation of management tools within these organisations often leads to a loss of focus on what really needs to be controlled, and what instead represents data sharing for one or another business function involved in reporting on certain aspects.



Many large international software companies offer HSE solutions that are not really applicable in the Italian regulatory environment.

This is why Q-81 HSE is chosen by many leading Italian and multinational companies to manage the mandatory aspects of occupational safety, environmental protection and their certified management systems.


In fact, although Q-81 HSE is a platform dedicated to the management of vertical issues, it integrates easily with the main ERP systems on the market, allowing users to interact and retrieve data and information from other company information systems.

In this way, the company obtains the maximum efficiency of a specialised application designed specifically to comply with Italian regulations, with the flexibility of data integration.


Q-81 HSE
ensuring effective supervision

One of the obligations that cannot be delegated in the field of health and safety at work is undoubtedly that of supervision, which must be carried out primarily by the employer, but also by managers and supervisors within the company in the areas for which they are responsible.

It is now well known that such supervision must be traceable and demonstrable, e.g. through regular and ongoing reporting, the organisation of dedicated roles and tasks, with every solution that science and technology make available today.

That is why Q-81 HSE software makes it possible to structure a comprehensive supervisory management system in any type of organisation. Thanks to tools such as:

The HR safety modules
The Reports, Actions module
The Audit & Checklist Module
The maintenance module
The Procurement Management Module

Any supervisor can consult the system in real time and use constantly updated dashboards to identify critical situations in the organisation or opportunities for improvement.

Thanks to the Q-81 HSE on-cloud software and its apps, everyone in the company can monitor the compliance status of their role in real time, directly from their smartphone, thanks to the responsive interface and mobile apps.

How can compliance and management systems be integrated?

Q-81 HSE is a tool that can accommodate, organise and integrate ISO 9001, 45001 or 14001 management systems. But that’s not all, all ISO systems can be integrated into Q-81.

The HSE or protection and prevention service managers can be supported by a dedicated team to organise their management systems within the software. Your system will soon be directly accessible and verifiable via the web interface, optimising the preparation and maintenance time for the certification body’s audit and verification activities.


Q-81 HSE facilitates
the management of the 231 model

Q-81 HSE supports the full implementation of the Organisation, Management and Control Model according to Law Decree 231/01.

In fact, the platform can be implemented by the company or the Supervisory Board to obtain a complete mapping of its processes in order to manage:

The Risk assessment 231 by process and function
General part of the 231 model
Specific parts of the 231 model
The Review of the Code of Ethics
The Flow of information to and from the Supervisory Board
The Supervisory Board’s audit plans
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