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Pichler Project, established in 1978 with headquarters in Bolzano, is today an international company active in the steel construction and facade industry.
More than 250 qualified employees ensure at all times that the quality of the projects and services provided are a primary goal of the company.

Pichler Project’s prevention and protection service was looking for a software solution capable of managing the safety of its workers operating both at its production site and at construction sites located in Italy and abroad.
Agile and powerful tools to carry out various control and supervision activities at different sites located in different geographical areas that would also ensure the involvement of supervisors with reporting systems.

The company obtained ISO 45001 certification which is timely maintained by populating Q-81 HSE so that the implementation of the system is visible and effectively demonstrable.

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Analyzed and computerized processes

Risk management pursuant to Law Decree 81/08

Management of system risks and opportunities;

Worker training management, history data retrieval, activation of courses, registration of participants with determination of the training gap

Management of health surveillance, history data retrieval and activation of health protocols, scheduling of medical examinations, management of fitness judgments

Management of PPE deliveries with graphic signatures

Near-misses and accidents management;

Management of audits with the help of the Mobile Auditing Management app (M.A.Ma.), obtaining reports with real-time photos from the various sites;

Action and non-conformities management, implementation of benchmark KPIs

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